Supporting Our Community's Health

PICT is a Pacific Island Health Service based in Tauranga

Our vision is to support our Pacific community in the Bay. Our aim is to do so through a range of services covering health, social services, and education workshops/programmes. Some of these include a Mobile Nursing Service, our Outpatient Advocacy and Support Service, and Community Support Worker. We also offer a Pasifika Playgroup and facilitate community events. All the services we provide are free.

Our purpose is to improve the holistic wellbeing of Pacific communities.  We provide a whole of family, wraparound service to community using Pacific models of care.  Our mission is to create pathways for our Pacific communities to thrive. 


Tai o Fenua Kindergarten

Pacific Island Community Trust Bay of Plenty has a close partnership with Tai o Fenua Kindergarten.

We work with families to ensure their children are enrolled in early childhood education, referring through to Tai o Fenua - a kindergaten where everyone is welcome, and where our Pacific languages, culture and identity are nurtured and celebrated. Teachers are guided by family aspirations, spiritual values and beliefs, and make the most of teachable moments to encourage dispositions of gratitude and kindness. Children’s ancestral connections are honoured.

If you have a child aged 6 months to 5 years, and would like to enrol them at Tai o Fenua, contact them today.

To learn more about Tai o Fenua Kindergarten, click below.


Thank you to our supporters

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